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Gemstone Overlay Necklace

Gemstone Overlay Necklace

  • £3990

Sterling silver with an overlay design and set with a gemstone, complete with a sterling silver chain.

Available in Aqua Agate, and Amber

Weigh: 4g

Stone Measurement: 12mm x 20mm

Agate is a banded chalcedony, found in nodules or geodes in volcanic rocks. Agate can be found in a variety of colours and some have fern like patterns in them formed due to the presence of manganese and iron oxides.

Sometimes Amber may be washed up on the coast from deposits under the sea. It is also mined in areas far from the sea, indicating that those areas were submerged at some point in geological history. The colour varies from pale yellow, to a golden colour, to a rare deep blue or black.

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