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White Gold Blue Topaz & Diamond Teardrop Bracelet

  • £39800

Blue topaz gemstone cut into a teardrop shape set  with diamond accents in a 9ct white gold bracelet

Wrist Size: 18.25cm or 7.1"

Weighs: 7g

Stone Measurement: Blue Topaz - 4mm x 7mm, Diamond - 2mm x 2mm

This stone is an aluminium silicate and comes in various colours but most often found in shades of blue. Topaz is believed to calm nerves, bring tranquillity to the wearer and also help with blood circulation.

Diamonds, the purest form of carbon, found in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Siberia. It is said that a man will buy three diamond during his life, one for his wife, one for his mistress, and another for his wife, when she discovers the mistress!

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