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Multi-stone Silver Bangle

  • £12990

Moonstone, Blue Topaz, and Green Onyx set sterling silver bangle with a leaf design.

Wrist Size: 18cm

Weighs: 15g

Stone Measurement: Moonstone - 8mm x 10mm, Blue Topaz - 7mm x 9mm, Green Onyx - 5mm x 7mm

This is a silicate stone containing aluminium and potassium and appears to have a milky sheen, with the best stones possessing a bluish hue. Moonstone is known as a feminine stone and assists with gentleness, receptivity, and intuition.

Blue Topaz
This stone is an aluminium silicate and comes in various colours but most often found in shades of blue. Topaz is believed to calm nerves, bring tranquillity to the wearer and also help with blood circulation.

Onyx, a form of chalcedony, is often artificially coloured jet black. It aids concentration and self-control, whilst also balancing male and female polarities.

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