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Elliptical Ring

  • £4890

Oval stone set in plain sterling silver setting.

Also available in Rhodochrosite, Sodalite, or Blue John.

Adjustable size - please select

Weighs: 10g

Stone Measurement: 19mm x 25mm

It is often associated with silver deposits and a few silver mines produce rhodochrosite as a by product. Manganese carbonate is extremely destructive to the amalgamation process used in the concentration of silver ores, and so until it became highly sought after by collectors, they were often discarded on the mine dump.

This stone is dark blue aluminium silicate interspersed with white calcite, found in Brazil. It encourages self-esteem and trust in others, fostering companionship.

Blue John 
Blue John is found in Derbyshire and belongs to the fluorite group. It is said to aid personal development and brings peace and wisdom to the wearer.

For more information on these stones and others please visit our Gemstone Guide

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