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Silver Bridge Ring

  • £2990

Handmade sterling silver ring with bridged side design and semi-precious stone.

Available in Moonstone, Labradorite, Malachite, Leopardskin Rhyolite, Jade and Turquoise.

Weighs: 5g

Stone Measurement: 10mm x 14mm

This is a silicate stone containing aluminium and potassium and appears to have a milky sheen, with the best stones possessing a bluish hue. Moonstone is known as a feminine stone and assists with gentleness, receptivity, and intuition.

Available in size: P 1/2,  O

Labradorite is a feldspar mineral, which shows a play of colour called labradorescence, which results in spectacular colour changes. 'The stone of destiny' which help the wearer find their path in life.

Available in size: P, N

A beautiful green stone, exhibiting layers with dark and light, often concentric banding. It is in fact a major copper ore, with substantial deposits presently being mined in Zaire and Zambia. When worn it raises the spirits and induces a general feeling of happiness. It is believed to alleviate asthmatic problems and toothache. During Medieval times those who wore Malachite were said to be protected from the power of witches. The stone afforded special protection for children.

Available in size: M, P, N

Leopardskin Rhyolite
An igneous rock available in a multitude of patterns, dependant on it formation, usually occurring in brown, reddish and beige colours. It is believed to be a strengthening stone and helps the body’s natural defence against infections and skin conditions.

Available in size: R, P, Q

Named by the Spanish conquistadores 'piedra de ijada' meaning hip stone and worn on the hip to prevent kidney diseases. The two most common forms are Jadeite and Nephrite. Many colours are available, but the most popular is green. Attracts good luck, friendship and promotes wisdom.

Available in size: Q

This stone has a vivid sky blue or green-blue colour, often containing grey or brown veins. It has been highly valued by many cultures. The Turks, after whom the stone is named, attached Turquoise to their horses bridles for protection. The Native Americans believed the stone to be 'the breath of life', symbolising the sky and reminding humans of their spirituality. When worn it strengthens the entire anatomy, brings wisdom and attract friendship. It brings happiness and luck, especially when given as a gift.
Available in size: Q1/2, P

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