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Silver Lily Earrings

  • £2790

Handmade sterling silver earrings with gemstones and accented ball details.

Available in Malachite, Moonstone, Pink Paua Shell and Garnet.

Weighs: 4g

Stone Measurement: 9mm

A beautiful green stone, exhibiting layers with dark and light, often concentric banding. It is in fact a major copper ore, with substantial deposits presently being mined in Zaire and Zambia. When worn it raises the spirits and induces a general feeling of happiness. It is believed to alleviate asthmatic problems and toothache. During Medieval times those who wore Malachite were said to be protected from the power of witches. The stone afforded special protection for children.

This is a silicate stone containing aluminium and potassium and appears to have a milky sheen, with the best stones possessing a bluish hue. Moonstone is known as a feminine stone and assists with gentleness, receptivity, and intuition.

Pink Paua Shell 
Paua shell is formed from the inner nacreous shell of molluscs. It is the Maori name for edible sea snails. Paua shell is thought to strengthen and soothe the body, particularly helping with fertility and nurturing. 

Garnets are a group of differently coloured minerals having a similar chemical composition. Pyrope Garnet contains magnesium and its colour ranges from orange to a purple-red. Demantoid Garnet contains calcium and iron and its colour is a deep green. The actual name is derived from the Latin for 'grain' because of the rounded garnet crystals. This stone protects against depression and promotes self-confidence. It is also known to aid lovers through sexual drive and passion.

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