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Wide Multi-stone Silver Bangle

  • £15990

Moonstone, Iolite, and Tourmaline set sterling silver bangle with a leaf design.

Wrist Size: 17cm

Weighs: 21g

Stone Measurement: Moonstone - 13mm, Iolite - 10mm, Tourmaline - 8mm x 10mm

This is a silicate stone containing aluminium and potassium and appears to have a milky sheen, with the best stones possessing a bluish hue. Moonstone is known as a feminine stone and assists with gentleness, receptivity, and intuition.

Iolite has been incorrectly called “water sapphire,” as it can display a blue to violet hue in one direction and pale yellow to colourless in another. In legends, ancient Viking navigators used thin slices of iolite as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days.

Tourmaline is a complex silicate stone containing aluminium and boron with colours ranging widely from green to pink. The stone can enhance inspiration and strengthen the will to take on new challenges.

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