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Nectar Amber Silver Pendant and Chain

  • £11890

A wonderful Amber gemstone with a rich golden colour and inclusions of a darker shade. This gemstone changes its appearance according to the light as the images show looking its best in natural light. The Amber is teardrop shaped and is handset in waves of silver which drape down the sides of the gemstone.

Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees. Our Amber comes from the Baltic region and was formed during the Eocene geological period about 44 million years ago .As the trees fell to the ground layers of sediments covered the forest remains and a process known as molecular polymerization occured eventually forming Amber. Further heat and pressure wasapplied  by the overlying sediments to evenually create Amber. 

The Ancient Romans believed that small Amber pieces were the tears of the Gods.  It was also thought that the rays of the sun were captured in the Amber, what a lovely idea! Amber was also called The Gold of the North ,due to its enticing golden hues.
Amber was one of the commodities traded along the famous "Amber Road" which lead from the Baltic to the Mediterranean and then onto the " Silk Route"  to the East.
A birthstone for Aries and Leo, it is said to promote courage , vitality and personal growth.

Gemstone size: 4cm x 2cm     Pendant weight: 12.2 grams.

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