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Outrage Jewellers have long been committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. We'd like to give you a little more information how we support the environment.
Carbon Offsetting - We are part of a carbon offset scheme. The scheme calculates the CO2 emissions generated by each delivery using data such as the distance, weight and mode of transport involved in each delivery and then ensures that the CO2 is offset by various means such as reforestation, soil carbon capture, ocean-based carbon capture and direct air carbon capture.
Amazon Rainforest (Credit Google Earth)
Credit: Google Earth
Packaging - We have been packaging our jewellery in cardboard boxes and using paper gift bags for many years. We have also been using paper mailing bags, which do not have the plastic bubble wrap inserts. The inserts in the boxes remain foam, however we are researching sustainable alternatives to this.
Energy - Our office is powered by an electricity provider which only generates renewable energy.
Stock and  Recycling - Our jewellery is mainly created from silver and semi precious gemstones. All these precious resources are mined from within the Earth, but all can be recycled. During our 32 year history we have always recycled any silver scrap created, any item not passing quality control, and lemel, which is the dust and small pieces of silver which are shaved off items of jewellery during the manufacturing and polishing processes.
The gemstones can also been upcycled as they can be taken out of an existing piece of jewellery and placed in a new setting.