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Our Story

Outrage Jewellers offer collections of carefully selected semi-precious gemstones set in silver, Silver Signet Rings and unusual  Animal and Skull pieces. Some of our pieces are exclusive, designed by Outrage. 

Outrage Jewellers was established in Leeds in 1989 as a family run venture. The business was the result of our life overseas in Kenya, where we spent eight years. Whilst in Kenya we  became involved with the Polio Clinic in Mombasa and subsequently Bombolulu, the adult workshop for individuals with disabilities, which produced jewellery and other handicrafts. We returned to the UK with some of this jewellery, which was fashioned out of brass and copper in traditional Kenyan styles. The idea was to sell what we could as a sideline to our day jobs, teaching and engineering,however sales went so well Outrage Jewellers was born, the name Outrage originating from thee large unusual kenyan designs.

Whilst wholesaling the jewellery we were asked if it was available in silver and gold. It was not, so we purchased a plating machine and began to plate the copper and brass with silver and gold. The products continued to sell. 

Over time we developed our own jewellery designs to compliment those from Kenya, mainly silver items, set with semi-precious stones. I have always been interested in geology, my children were always amused at me cracking open rocks whilst on walks to view the internal structures. My late husband David, who was an engineer, quickly mastered the art of making jewellery, engineering on a smaller scale!  Being a Geography teacher I had an interest in geology as well.So with our knowledge of Geology and Engineering , the business grew.

After a short time wholesaling, we decided to attempt direct retail and rented a craft barrow in what was called The Leeds Shopping Plaza in the city centre. After a short spell working from the barrow we were approached by the manager of the newly refurbished Victorian Corn Exchange in Leeds and were offered a unit. We remained in the Corn Exchange for over 32 years, moving from the original small unit to a larger one in 2007. The below image is from 1991, showing David, looking very dapper as the centre had a Bond themed week, with all the tenants participating and looking the part. 

David in our original Leeds shop 1990

However the business was expanding and so we returned to the Leeds Shopping Plaza, opening our second premises this time an actual retail unit. For over 10 years we maintained a presence in both retail venues. Sadly after 2006 David was no longer with us , so I continued the business alone assisted by staff. But in 2008 plans were made to demolish much of the old Leeds Shopping Plaza and construct a  venue now known as Trinity, so we had to move premises.

Prior to this, we also had to close the original Corn Exchange premises, as the owners decided to refurbish and wanted all retailers to move out. However, despite all these changes brought about by forces beyond our control, the business flourished.

We were eventually able to return to the Corn Exchange and occupy larger premises, remaining there for over eleven years. 

*For a 360 degree view of our former premises in the Leeds Corn Exchange, click here.

Throughout all these unpredicted changes our customer base continued to grow with many customers returning regularly for special birthday presents, Christmas gifts and simply to treat themselves.

Post covid and due to other unforseen changes in the retail centre of the Corn Exchange we decided to move on line only for now and have now developed a comprehensive online store, which is constantly evolving.

We pride ourselves on our choices of Gemstone .The uniqueness and individuality of  each Gemstone contributes to the value and personality of each piece. Each stone holds its own beauty, its own physical properties and its own spiritual characteristics .Take a look at our Gemstone Guide section for information on each stone and our Blog on the formation of Rocks and Minerals. There is also information about each gemstone in the Sort by Stone section.

Outrage jewellers also offer a range for gentlemen in Silver,Titanium, Steel and Tugsten.

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