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Bracelets and Bangles

All our bangles are hand crafted, the stones used being individually chosen. Each stone has been carefully encased in silver.

Bracelets have been worn for millenia , as adornment but also as symbols of love , friendship, belonging and philosophy. Many cultures give bracelets at coming of age ceremonies or as tokens to friends and loved ones.  The Romans in particular were very fond of bangles worn on the wrist , the forearm and the upper arm .

All bangles with an open back , cuff bangles, should be placed onto the wrist at the narrowest point , the side , then twisted carefully into position . The same applies when removing the bangle . 

The bangles are NOT designed to be adjustable and  squashed onto the wrist or opened up more to fit a larger wrist. 

All bangles can be worn very elegantly on the mid forearm.