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Silver ...Metal of the Moon ...

The chemical symbol for Silver is Ag ,from the Latin Argentum and the main silver ore is argentite. 

Silver is formed from sulphur compounds within the earth`s crust . 

Silver is a malleable and ductile metal , therefore ideal to be used in the jewellery industry.  925 or Sterling silver is used in most jewellery. The number 925 refers to the amount of silver in Sterling Silver. As silver is too soft to be used alone, it is alloyed or mixed with a small amount of copper. The ratios are 925 parts out of a 1000 silver, 75 parts out of 1000  copper. 

Silver has been mined for over 4000 years.  It has always been greatly prized. 

Silver is accociated with the Moon  and the goddesses Artemis and Diana, who were Greek and Roman goddeses of the moon , the hunt , wildlife and childbirth. Silver was said to protect from evils of the night , such as werewolves and vampires. 

Today it is also important in the medical industry , due to its antibacterial properties and in the electical industry , due to its high conductivity. 

All silver can be melted and recycled. We recycle all our offcuts and silver dust. 

A beautiful and useful metal!