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Men's Jewellery

We offer a selection of jewellery for Gentlemen, from subtle signet rings to the more extravegant skull and animal head rings . 

Most of the jewellery is made from Silver, though Tungsten, Titanium and Steel  are also on offer and are popular, often being bought as wedding bands. Our bracelets are either silver , steel or leather. 

Silver is formed from sulphur compounds within the earth`s crust . The chemical symbol for Silver is Ag ,from the Latin Argentum and the main silver ore is argentite. Silver is a malleable and ductile metal , therefore ideal to be used in the jewellery industry.

Tungsten is extracted from the mineral Wolframite , chemical symbol W and is approximately twice as hard, and double the density, of steel. It ranks about 9 on Mohs scale of hardness. 

Titanium with the chemical symbol Ti ,is extracted from several ores  ilmenite and leucoxene being two of the main ones. Titanium is renowned for its great strength yet low density , therefore it is very light

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon . The chemical symbol for iron is Fe and the main iron ores are haematite and magnetite.