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The Circle is an important symbol of eternity so the wearing of a ring has become  a meaningful and symbolic statement.

The wearing of a ring can represent many things, marital status, membership of a group, achievement, authority, wealth.  They are also often worn as amulets especially when they contain a precious or semi precious stone. The wearing of a symbolic Birthstone in a ring has always been popular.

Signet Rings were used as a form of signature or as a seal of approval in times when most people were illiterate. Signet Rings have become very popular recently and are commonly worn by men and increasingly by any gender.

The earliest known metal rings were discovered in the remains of the ancient city of Ur in present  day Iraq and date back to 2500B.C. The Egyptians appeared to be the first civilization to exchange rings during a wedding ceremony but as precious metals were expensive they were often made of woven reeds or leather. 

Today Silver Rings have increased in popularity. Our Collections range from  large statement rings to small rings which can be worn as stacking rings.

Don't forget to check your ring size before purchasing using our handy guide here. 

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