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Celtae Amethyst Silver Pendant and Chain

Celtae Amethyst Silver Pendant and Chain

  • £4890

A handcrafted Silver pendant with a round cabochon Amethyst gemstone, complete with an 18 inch silver chain . The gemstone is encased in a Celtic influenced silver setting.

Amethyst is a silicate mineral with traces of iron formedwhen silica rich solutions entered rock cavities and solidified. In the right conditions the iron in the crystals is irradiated so producing the rich purple colour of the stone. The crystals are often found in strange shaped rock nodules called geodes. 

Amethyst was hightly prized during Medieval times . Due to the intense, vibrant purple colour it became known as the regal stone .

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity, aid anxiety and even prevent drunkenness!This suggestion dates back to the times of the Ancient Greeks , who fashioned drinking vessels from Amethyst, believing it would protect against drunkenness .

 Pendant weight with chain:   5.9grams      Stone size:  1cm round.


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