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Aquamarine Jewellery

The Treasure of Mermaids

Aquamarine is a Beryllium , aluminium silicate . It is named after the Latin for water  `aqua` and sea `marina`,  due to its marine blue colour. The hues of Aquamarine range from a pale blue to a vivid deep blue. 

Aquamarines are found in rocks called pegmatites. As magma inside the Earth  cooled and solidified , water was trapped in some of the cavities.  Eventually the chemicals dissolved in these water pockets grew to form crystals. Originally discovered in 1792 in Siberia , however the main producer now is Brazil. 

It was known as the Treasure of the Mermaids , and was worn by seafarers to keep them safe and also to prevent sea sickness. It is a calming , soothing stone, said to bring happpiness and longer lasting youth !

It was also said to have a positive effect on relationships when worn by couples. 

Birthstone for Pisces and Aries.