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Black Onyx and Obsidian Jewellery

The Protector

Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony formed when silica rich solutions cooled and solidified in cavties within lavas. As the solutions cooled at different rates the characteristic banding of Onyxes was created. Many exhibit black and white banding. If the bands are wide enough black or white segments can be cut and polished to create gemstones. 

Ancient Indian and Persian civilizations believed Onyx would protect from evil , and assist with the journey of life. Onyx is thought to help in times of stress, improve courage, protect the wearer , improve intuition and help individuals move to the next phase in their lives. 

It is the birthstone for Leo and Capricorn . 

Obsidian is also called Volcanic Glass, due to its smooth appearance . 

Obsidian is formed as a result of the extremely rapid cooling of lavas extruded during volcanic eruptions.  The rapid cooling does not allow any crystal formation . Much Obsidian is black but if it contains some mineral impurities such as iron or magnesium a mixed colouration may result as in the deep reds and browns in Mahogany Obsidian .

Obsidian was used by many ancient peoples to make arrow heads and knives , as it can be fashioned to create extremely sharp edges. 

Said to assist in decision making and stabilizes the mind.