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Jupiter Picture Jasper Bangle

  • £18500

The evocative Picture Jasper in this silver bangle  appears to have similar colours and banded structure to that of the planet Jupiter

The bangle has been handcrafted and has a twisted element on the sides , with filigree features at the ends of the cuff. 

Jasper is an aggregate of microcrystalline quartz. It was formed as a result of the consolidation of pyroclastic materials, volcanic ash, which were cemented together with silicaceous solutions, and solidified under intense heat and pressure within the earth. 

Jasper is the stone of inner strength , confidence and harmony. It may increase connectivity with nature and the earth. A birthstone for Aquarius and Capricorn .

Weight : 37.8 grams   Stone size 3.2cm x 4.2cm 

Interior circumference 18cm . Fits loosely on a 17cm wrist, can also be worn to great effect on the forearm . 

Always put bangles on carefully over the thin size of the wrist , then twist into position . The same applies when removing them . 

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