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Folium Blue Goldstone Silver Ring

  • £3790

Blue Goldstone gemstones set in sterling silver with a leaf design along the shank.  They look elegant when worn alone or as a stylish group. 

Thissparkling stone is made from silica, copper oxide and other metal oxides which have been heated and recrystallised in conditions simulating those of the Earth`s interior where forces of intense heat and pressure operate. 

It is a birthstone for Sagittarius and may help to increase self acceptance and promote vitality. 

Available in Amber, Sodalite, Tiger's Eye, Aventurine, Pink Paua Shell, Blue Paua Shell, Blue , Amethyst, White Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Moonstone, Rose Quartz.

Weighs: 3.5g          Stone Measurement: 6mm x 8mm

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