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Piedra Jade Silver Rin g

  • £4890

Pale green Jade gemstones handset in silver to create unique rings . The silver has a parted design on either side of the Jade and the shank is slightly adjustable.

Jade is a complex gemstone formed as a result of metamorphic processes. Jade forms along active subduction zones in high-pressure, low-temperature environments deep in the Earth’s mantle, where basaltic ocean plates subduct (sink) under lighter continental plates. Jadeite occurs in metamorphic rocks. These rocks undergo further mineral transformation after forming in the Earth’s crust due to intense heat and pressure. In this case, the mineral transformation occurs in the presence of water and carbonates derived from ocean floor sediments.

Jade has two varietes Jadeite, sodium aluminium silicate and Nephrite,a calcium magnesium iron silicate. 

Jade has been appreciated as a form of adornment since Neolithic times over 5000B.C.  It has always been greatly revered in Chinese culture , being a symbol of good luck and good health . It is also thought to bring harmony, peace and virtue .It is the birthstone for Taurus and Libra. 

Also available in  Turquoise, Blue Goldstone ,Black Onyx and Unakite. 

The rings are slightly adjustable . We shall adjust to your size as they are designed only to be adjusted by ourselves in the workshop.

Average weight :  4.9 grams     Gemstone size :  1.8cm x 1.2cm 

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