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Labradorite Jewellery

A Glimpse of the Northern Lights

Labradorite occurs in Igneous rocks such as Basalt and Gabbro and also in metamorphic rocks such as Gneiss. 

A plagioclase feldspar mineral  , displaying a deeply irridescent optical effect called labradorescence,  so as the stone is moved  it responds by changes of hue and colour. This irridescence is due to diffused light reflection , a scattering of the reflected light, from microscopic parallel intergrowths of Albite and Orthoclase minerals. 

It is found largely in the province of Labrador , Canada and in Finland. 

According to native Eskimo legend, the Northern lights were imprisoned in the rocks of the Labrador coast . An Eskimo warrior freed most of the Lights with a mighty strike of his spear. But some of the Lights still remained trapped in the rocks and so we are lucky to be able to find the beautiful mineral Labradorite. 

A birthstone for Aquarius , Pisces and Cancer. 

Labradorite is called the Stone of Transformation , providing strength and perseverance in times of change . Also may relieve anxiety and stress.