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Labradorite Jewellery

A Glimpse of the Northern Lights

Labradorite occurs in Igneous rocks such as Basalt and Gabbro and also in metamorphic rocks such as Gneiss. 

A plagioclase feldspar mineral, displaying an irridescent optical effect called labradorescence  so as the stone is moved  it responds by changes of hue and colour.This irridescence is due to light being diffused or scattered by the internal crystal structure consisting of microscopic parallel intergrowths of Albite and Orthoclase minerals. Each stone displays different patterns of lines and inclusions inside its matrix, providing that individuality.

It is found largely in the Canadian province of Labrador , Canada and in Finland. 

According to native Canadian Inuit legend, the Northern lights were imprisoned in the rocks of the Labrador coast . An Inuit warrior freed most of the Lights with a mighty strike of his spear. But some of the Lights still remained trapped in the rocks and so we are lucky to have the beautiful  gemstone Labradorite. 

A birthstone for Aquarius , Pisces and Cancer. 

Labradorite is called the Stone of Transformation , providing strength and perseverance in times of change . Also may relieve anxiety and stress.