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Opal Jewellery

Australia`s Magical Jewel

Opals are often said to` dazzle` , as they catch the light in so many different ways. It often seems as if the stone  changes its mood as different rainbow hues can be seen depending on the light.

Opal is an amorphous hydrated form of siilicon dioxide and it is a meneraloid which means that unlike a mineral it does not have an ordered atomic structure.

Opals are created from silion dioxide solutions, which entered fissures in ancient lavas and rocks during the Cretaceous geological period.  The heat and pressure of volcanic activity caused the water to be trapped within the lavas creating the spheroids which comprise Opals. The spheres reflect incoming white light diffusing it to create the colours of the spectrum . Some opals exhibit more blue or green colours , others have flecks of red and orange .

Fire Opals are an orangy red variety of Opal founf mainly in Mexico and Central America. It is quite different in appearance to other Opals but is chemically the same .  Unlike other Opals Fire Opals are generally facetted .

Opal is a birthstone for Libra , Taurus  and the months of October, September and November...

Opals are said to encourage stable relationships and companionship.