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Rhodocrosite jewellery

Rhodocrosite ..the  Rose Stone 

The name Rhodocrosite originated from  Ancient Greek `rhodon` meaning rose and `chroma` colour which referer to the pretty pink hues of the gemstone. 

Rhodocrosite is a manganese carbonate with traces of iron, cobalt and other minerals. It is formed in association with silver and has been located in many silver mines especially in Mexico, Peru and Argentina. It forms either as veins or stalactites and stalagmites in areas where silver is mined. Manganese rich hydrothermal solutions solidify in pre existing rocks to create veins of Rhodocrosite . Or, the solution drips through the ceilings of caves to create stalactites and stalagmites . When sliced open they reveal the beautiful pink and white banding of the gemstone. 

Inca legends suggested that Rhodocrosite was the fossilised blood of their ancestral rulers. Rhodocrosite was popularised in Europe after the opening of mines in present day Germany in the 1850`s. Large crystals of the gemstone have been located in the state of Colorado U.S.A.

A birthstone for Scorpio and Leo . It is said to promote love, lift depression, encourage positivity by lifting self esteem .