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Rose Quartz "The Venus Stone"

Rose Quartz is a silicon dioxide. As magma from deep within the Earth cooled silicon  combined with oxygen to form  Quartz.  If Titanium and Dumortierite are also present ,the quartz takes on a delicate pink hue, hence Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz has been found in Mesopotamian ruins dating back 7000B.C. Ancient Greek myth suggests that Artemis the goddess of Hunting was jealous of the hunting skills of Adonis and sent a wild boar to kill him . Aphrodite the goddess of Love tried to save him but cut herself in the process. Their blood mingled and dripped onto the quartz rocks below and stained them a pink hue ,so creating Rose Quartz. The Ancient Egyptians believed Rose Quartz could prevent aging , worth a try !

Known as 'The Venus Stone', as it promotes love and friendship.  The  birthstone for Pisces, Taurus, and Libra.  May calm emotions and bring success in life.