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Raw Amber  Pearl  and Silver Bracelet

Raw Amber Pearl and Silver Bracelet

  • £7890

This unusual bracelet has been fashioned by hand from raw Amber beads interspersed with two pearls and silver bead elements . The silver has been oxidised to create the antique darkened appearance of the silver. 

Amber is athe fossilised resin of ancient pine trees which existed over 44 million years ago. The Ancient Romans believed that small Amber pieces were the tears of the Gods.  It was also thought that the suns ray`s were captured in the Amber, what a lovely idea! Amber was also called The Gold of the North ,due to its enticing golden hues. 

Amber was one of the commodities traded along the famous "Amber Road" , which lead from the Baltic to the Mediterranean , and then onto the " Silk Route"  to the East. 
A birthstone for Aries and Leo, it is said to promote courage , vitality and personal growth.

Weight :24 grams   Bead size: average 1.4cm   

The bracelet has an extender chain and will fit wrist sizes between 19cm and 22cm 

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