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Amber and Silver Bead Bracelet

Amber and Silver Bead Bracelet

  • £4890

A delicate Amber and Silver bead bracelet consisiting of Amber beads intersperced with Silver beads and an added silver chain . The bracelet has  lobster claw fastener and an extender chain . 

Amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees.  Our Amber comes from the Baltic region and was formed during the Eocene geological period , about 44 million years ago, when the Baltic region was experiencing a semi -tropical climate.  Eventually as the trees  died and fell to the ground , layers of sediments, sands  , gravels covered the ancient forests and a process known as molecular polymerization occurred to evenually create Amber.
Amber was one of the commodities traded along the famous "Amber Road" , which lead from the Baltic to the Mediterranean , and then onto the " Silk Route"  to the East. 
A birthstone for Aries and Leo, it is said to promote courage , vitality and personal growth.

Length: 8 ins (20cm) with 2in (5cm) extender chain

Weight: 7.2 grams          Bead size : 0.3ins (0.5cm) 

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