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Amethyst Faceted Pendants

  • £6990

Lovely bright purple Amethyst gemstones faceted to glimmer and reflect the light. The colour depth and hue changes depending on how the light is reflected . Take a look at all the images as they have been taken in differing lighting conditions .

The pendants are in a substantial silver setting which is deep to accommodate the depth of the faceted Amethysts,1cm deep in the case of the teardrop pendants whereas the oval pendant is 0.8cm deep. All pendants include an 18 inch silver chain.

Amethyst is a silicate mineral with traces of iron .

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity and even prevent drunkenness.

Right Teardrop Pendant weight;  7.4 grams   Stone size: 1.7cm x 1.4cm

Middle Oval Pendant weight:      8.7 grams   Stone size:  1.9cm x 1.3cm

Left Teardrop Pendant weight:    8.7 grams   Stone size:   1.8cm x 1.4cm 

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