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Royal Purple Amethyst Silver and Gold Plated Oval Cabochon Earrings

  • £3890

Amethyst Gemstone cabochons set in silver with silver earwires. Some have been gold plated but the metal beneath the plating is silver. 

These are a lovely purple colour which change hue slightly depending on the light and the background .When hanging from the ear they display these wonderful, changes of hue as they move reflecting the light in many directions as seen in the images. Amethysts were prized by royalty for many centuries .

Amethyst is the birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces. It is said to protect the wearer, relieve negativity and even prevent drunkenness!

Average weight 6.1 grams   Average stone size 1.4cm x 1cm 

As the earrings are hand made they may wery slightly in size and weight.

Choose the silver or gold plated options from the drop down menu.

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