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Silver and Aquamarine Handcrafted Ring

Silver and Aquamarine Handcrafted Ring

  • £7890

A very pale delicate watery blue Aquamarine hand crafted in silver with a little twist decorative accent on one side . 

Aquamarine is a Beryllium , aluminium silicate . It is named after the Latin for water  `aqua` and sea `marina`,  due to its marine blue colour. Aquamarines are found in rocks called pegmatites.

Aquamarine may have a positive effect on relationships . Birthstone for Pisces and Aries.

Ring weight: 9.4 grams      Stone size:  2 cm x 1.5cm 

This ring has been designed so that we can adjust the ring to fit the customer . This ring can be adjusted to sizes N, O, P, Q. Please let us know which size you require from the drop down menu . 

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