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Art Nouveau style silver Bangle

  • £12000

Handmade in silver with a swirling leaf motif  with an  Opal , a Moonstone and a Peridot .

Fashioned in the flowery style of the Art Nouveau movement and enhanced with cabochon stones. 

Opals are formed from silicon dixide rich solutions. They are the birthstone for Libra and October . They are thought to bring loyalty and faithfulness . 

Peridot is a precious form on the mineral olivene. The birthstone for Leo and Cancer . Said to bring positivity , creativity and peaceful relationships. 

Moonstone is a fedspar formed of layers of Orthoclase and Albite , exhibiting different hues when moved in the light , this is adularescence. It is the birthstone for Gemini and Cancer , inspires wisdom and emotional stability.

Weight ; 14.88 grams

Circumference:  18 cm 


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