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Asymmetrical Silver Gemstone Rings

  • £4790

These Rings are handcrafted in silver , with an embelishment on one side of the gemstone. 

Mother of Pearl is the name given to an irridescent substance called nacre , created by certain molluscs.  It forms the shells of pearl bearing oysters  and in fact is composed of the same material as pearls. Nacre is a combination of the mineral Aragonite and a protein called conchiolin. 

It is thought Mother of Pearl has  a relaxing , soothing and calming effect , also stimulating the imagination and increasing sensitivity. 

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, formed by the precipitation copper rich solutions in limestone regions. 

Malachite is the stone of balance and harmony, abundance , empathy and positivity  .It is associated with the Demeter ,Greek goddess of the Earth and fertility. A birthstone fo

These rings are adjustable , select you size , note it in the comments box and we shall adjust your ring accordingly.

White Mother of Pearl available sizes L, M,  N,  O.   Weight 6.4 grams

Malchite available sizes  M,  N,  O,  P .   Weight 8.7 grams

Greay Mother of Pearl available sizes L, M, N, O, P.   Weight 7.10 grams

The differnt weights reflect the varied densities of the gemstones.  

Stone Size: all rings have a 1.8cm  x  1.3cm stone 


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