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Blossom Garnet and Topaz Spinning Rings

  • £4490

Silver rings with a spinning band with a flower motif enclosing either a Garnet or Blue Topaz gemstone. Chose your gemstone! We advise you buy a size larger than you normally choose in these wide band rings.

Topaz is a silicate mineral consisting of aluminium and fluorine, formed during the crystallization of igneous rocks, especially granite and rhyolite. Blue is the most popular colour for jewellery, although yellow is more abundant. 

Dramatic Blue Topaz is  often worn at glamorous events. The Duchess of Wales, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and others have been spotted wearing the gemstone. 

It is the birthstone for Scorpio, Aries , Taurus , Sagittarius. Topaz is said to bring peace and tranquility, aiding in the process of meditation. May also protect from enemies and bring reconciliation to disputes.

Garnets form as the result of the metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks under intense heat and pressure within the Earth`s crust, often at the boundaries of moving tectonic plates.  The word Garnet originated from the Latin word for seed, `granatus`, as it resembles the seed of the pomegratate. It was worn as a protective amulet  by Saxons , Celts, Native Americans and both Muslims and Christians during the Crusades .

It is a birthstone for Aquarius and it thought to protect, purify and inspire love and devotion. 

 Average weight 4.5 grams    Gemstone size: 0.5cm round .

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