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Blue Goldstone Pendant and Earrings

Blue Goldstone Pendant and Earrings

  • £3290

This vibrant Blue Goldstone Pendant includes an 18 inch silver chain. The earrings serve as a compliment to the pendant , but both pieces can be bought seperately.

This wonderfully sparkling stone is made from silica, copper oxide and other metal oxides, which have been heated and recrystallised to form Brown or Blue Goldstone.

The brown colour is the result if the presence of copper crystals, the blue  colour results from cobalt. 

It is a birthstone for Sagittarius and may help to increase self acceptance and promote vitality. 

Pendant weight 11.52 grams  Stone size 3.5cm x 2.5cm 

Earrings weight 4.2 grams   Stone size 1.5cm x 1cm  

PENDANT now sold out or Earrings from the dropdown menu

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