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Braided Gemstone Ring

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A classical braided silver oxidised setting enhances the gemstone. 

 Our Baltic Amber was formed about 44 million years ago during the geological period known as the Eocene.

There some lovely legends associated with Amber . The Ancient Romans believed that small Amber pieces were the tears of the Gods. A birthstone for Aries and Leo, it is said to promote courage , vitality and personal growth.


Goldstone is made from silica, copper oxide and other metal oxides, which have been heated and recrystallised to form Brown or Blue Goldstone. The brown colour is the result if the presence of copper crystals, the blue  colour results from cobalt. 

It is a birthstone for Sagittarius and may help to increase self acceptance and promote vitality. 

Paua Shell is found mainly in the sea waters around New Zealand .  It is harvested sustainably by free divers. The mollusc which produces the shell is mainly sought after for its meat , the shell being a bi-product. The shells may   blue , deep or pale pink in colour and exhibit wonderful swirling designs. They are made from many layers of nacre , created by the organism.

Paua Shell is a birthstone for the water signs of Pisces , Aquarius , Cancer and Scorpio.

 Weight 4.2 to 4.5 grams depending on size of ring 

Stone Size 1.4cm x 1cm 

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