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Pyramid Azurite Malchite Silver Pendants and Chain

Pyramid Azurite Malchite Silver Pendants and Chain

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Two fascinating Azurite Malachite gemstones hand set in silver complete with 18 inch silver chains. The right pendant has a darker interior section surrounded by a more turquoise colour speckled with white and dark inclusions. The left pendant has a blue green interior surrounded by a maze of brown and dark blue green colours. 

Azurmalachite can also be called Azurite-Malachite as it is a combination of these two minerals. Both are copper carbonates with Malachite having a slightly higher copper content. 

Both Azurite and Malachite are formed in a very silmilar way with slight variations in the geochemical conditions resulting in an alternation between the two minerals.  Copper rich solutions percolated into cavities in pre- existing limestone or marble rocks. As the water evaporated the minerals were precipitated often forming stalactite or stalamite structures within cave formations. Once sliced open the stalactites reveal the wonderful banded patterns of alternating blue Azurite and green Malachite , each gemstone being completely individual and unique.

Azurmalachite is found in Namibia, southe west U.S. A. and France. It was used as a pigment by the Ancient Egyptians and as blue/green eyeliner. 

The gemstone is said to improve intuition , help take positive control of situations and calm anxieties . It is one of the gemstones for Scorpio and Capricorn

 Right Pendant weight:  9.4 grams     Stone size:  2.5cm x 2.2cm 

Left Pendant weight:     8.6 grams     Stonesize;   2.6cm x 1.8cm

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