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Crazy Lace Agate Juno Pendant

Crazy Lace Agate Juno Pendant

  • £11890

A fascinating Crazy Lace Agate gemstone with beautiful swirling patterns formed totally naturally...amazing . The Agate is handset into a lovely silver setting with wavy designs on one side. The pendant includes an 18 inch silver chain. 

Agate is a silicaceous  mineral also known as chalcedony, formed due to  the deposition of silica from groundwater percolating into cavities within igneous rocks . It is often deposited in concentric layers , therefore exhibiting  a banded pattern .
It is the birthstone for Gemini , Pisces , Aries and may help balance emotional and physical energies

Pendant only weight: 14.4 grams       Stone size: 4.2cm x 2.6cm 

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