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Delicate Labradorite rings

Delicate Labradorite rings

  • £3290

These Labradorite Silver rings are a delicate blue grey colour , but when moved in the light display a lovely blue green change  of colour called Labradorescence. 

Labradorite is a fedspar mineral and occurs in Igneous rocks such as Basalt or Gabbro and also in metamorphic rocks such as Gneiss. 

It is found largely in the province of Labrador , Canada and in Finland. 

According to Eskimo legend, the Northern lights were captured  in the rocks of the Labrador coast , so creating the lovely play of colour exhibited by the stone.

A birthstone for Aquarius , Pisces and Cancer. 

Labradorite is called the Stone of Transformation , providing strength and perseverance in times of change . Also may relieve anxiety and stress. 

Weight :     average 4.3 grams depending on size

Stone size :1.2cm x 1cm 

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