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Deniz Larimar Silver Pendant and Chain

Deniz Larimar Silver Pendant and Chain

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An unusually shaped Larimar gemstone with gentle pale blue hues hand crafted in silver complete with an 18 inch silver chain. The gemstone evokes the waters of warm tropical seas and in fact is found only in the Caribbean region. 

Larimar is a rare variety of Pectolite, the delicate shades blue  being attributed to traces of copper. This type  of Pectolite is only found in The Dominican Republic. It was formed as super heated gases brought minerals from deep within the Earth to cool in volcanic pipes. Larimar gemstones exhibit swirls of differing pale blue hues with delicate striations or lines as one hue merges into another . 

It was named by one of the discoverers after his daughter Larissa and the Spanish word for sea`mar` hence Larimar.Legend states that the lost city of Atlantis lies in the region of the Caribbean . It was thought that the stone was used to decorate the bulidings of Atlantis , as it was often found washed up on the beaches. 

Larimar is believed to ecourage clear thought, aid tranquility and calmness. The birthstone for Aries, Virgo and Gemini

Pendant weight: 8 grams       Stone size:  3.3cm x 1.7cm 

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