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Marine Blue Paua Shell Ring

  • £3390

A dainty ring set with a blue Paua Shell gemstones each with a slightly different pattern.  They are easily styled with other rings if you favour the multi ring look. 

Paua shell is found mainly in the sea waters around New Zealand . It is harvested sustainably by free divers. The mollusc which produces the shell is mainly sought after for its meat , the shell being a bi-product. The New Zealand government manages the resource by allowing the harvest of a certain number per day and these must be above a specified size.. The shells may be blue ,deep or pale pink in colour and exhibit wonderful swirling designs. They are made from many layers of nacre , created by the organism.

Paua Shell is a birthstone for the water signs of Pisces , Aquarius , Cancer and Scorpio.

Weight : average 3.4 grams      Stone size: 1cm x 0.9cm 

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