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Droplet  Cabochon  Earrings

Droplet Cabochon Earrings

  • £2990

Labradorite, Turquoise, Black Onyx drop earrings set in silver.

Labradorite is a felspar mineral, found in gneiss , a metamorphic rock. This stone exhitbits a wonderful play of colour , changing from blue to green hues, called labradorescence.  The birthstone for Cancerians, may improve intuition and perseverance . 

Turquoise,  a vibrant stone , formed from hydrated copper phospate solutions percolating through older rocks and eventually solidifying . Called `The Breath of Life` by the Native Americans, reminding humans of their Spitituality. Said to attract good luck and friendships. 

Black Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz  called chalcedony . It is reputed to assist concentration and perseverence.

 Labradorite earrings weigh 3.2 grams

Turquoise earrings weigh 3 grams

Black Onyx earrings 3 grams

Stone size of all earrings 1.3cm x 1cm

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