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Elongated Cognac Amber Silver Ring

  • £11690

A unique Amber gemstone with delicate autumnal hues handcrafted in silver creating a wonderful statement ring. Amber is such an enigmatic gemstone changing its appearance according to the light so we have included a series of images in different light conditions. 

Our Baltic Amber was formed about 44 million years ago during the geological period known as the Eocene. The Ancient Romans believed that small Amber pieces were the tears of the Gods. There was also a belief that the suns ray`s were captured in the Amber, what a lovely idea! A birthstone for Aries and Leo, it is said to promote courage , vitality and personal growth.

Weight :11.54 grams    Gemstone size:  3.3cm  x  1.8cm 

This ring is adjustable, we shall adjust it for you to fit sizes P , Q and R.  Please let us know which size you require when you order by noting it in comments box . This ring is designed to be carefully adjusted in our workshop to your size.

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