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Enticing Amber Pendant

  • £19000

An amazing piece of Baltic Amber exhibiting shades of yellow , cream , pale grey , darker grey and an olive green colour , polished on one size but still showing some of the natural organic features and also left natural on the reverse,  so we can wonder at the beauty of nature .

Formed over 44 million years ago from the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees which covered the Baltic region at that time . The beauty and individuality of Amber lead to it being traded along the ancient `Amber Route` from the Baltic to the Mediterranean  and even further afield along the east -west `Silk Route`.

An enticing , unique piece of jewellery , the Amber has been hand set in darkened oxidised silver , with organic embelishments. 

Pendant weight : 30.5 grams     Stone size:  4.4 cm x 4.1cm 


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