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Extraordinary Moonstone Ring

  • £14690

A Statement Piece!

This  square Moonstone  set in silver exhibits a lovely play of blue hues when moved in the light. this characteristic of Moonstones is called adularescence. 

Moonstone is a type of Orthoclase Feldspar, formed from cooling magmas  deep within the Earth . As the magmas cooled at differing speeds so thin layers of the minerals Albite and Orthoclase formed . As these minerals have different reflective indexes ,  light entering the stone is scattered  and diffused in many directions creating adularescence.

It is the birthstone for Cancerians. It may improve intuition and creativity ,provide a calming effect .

It is regarded by many cultures as the stone of femininity.

 Weight: 21.8 grams     Stone Size:  3.2cm x 2cm   Size : O 


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