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Gemstone Dotted Earrings

  • £3990

Oval gemstones handset in silver.  All stones are visible in the third image from  left to right Goldstone, Amethyst,, Pink Mother of Pearl, Blue Paua Shell, Cognac Amber, White Mother of Pearl, Green Amber

Weighs: 3g    Stone Measurement: 7mm x 9mm

Paua Shell
Paua shell is formed from the inner nacreous shell of molluscs. It is the Maori name for edible sea snails. Paua shell is thought to strengthen and soothe the body, particularly helping with fertility and nurturing.

The Amber used by Outrage jewellers originates in the Baltic.  Ancient people believed the sun’s rays were trapped in Amber and that it helps with absent-mindedness and headaches.

Amethyst is often found inside geodes, which are spherical rocks which when opened  reveal the crystal structures inside. May aid creativity and protect against blood disorders. It is the birthstone for Aquarius, Pisces and Sagittarius.

Mother of Pearl
A smooth, shining, iridescent, organic substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs. This stone may heighten intuition, sensitivity, and imagination .

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