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Gemstone Pendants with Amber, Turquoise, Black Onyx

  • £4290

Turquoise, Amber and Black Onyx Silver Pendants with an 18 inch silver chain.

Our Amber  originates in the Baltic region . Ancient people believed the sun’s rays were trapped in Amber and that it helps with absent-mindedness and headaches. It can also revitalise the mind,  and balance the emotions. 

Turquoise is called `The Breath of Life` by the Native Americans, reminding humans of their Spitituality. Said to attract good luck and friendships, instill calm and alleviate depressions. It is the birthstone for Sagittarius and Aquarius.

Onyx is a microcrystalline quartz called chalcedony. It often formed concentric bands of different colours. It is the birthstone for Leo and Capricorn . Thought to improve perseverance and build emotional strength. 

Weight pendant only :  Turquoise 5.05 grams,  Amber 4.32 grams,  Black Onyx 5.37 grams. 

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