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Gemstone Stack Rings

  • £3490

Lovely delicate rings , perfect for those who like to wear a collectioin on each hand or simply one alone. 

Purple Amethyst is a silicate mineral, formed from silica rich solutions with traces of ironAmethyst was hightly prized in Medieval times as a regal stone.Amethyst is said to protect , relieve negativity and even protect against drunkenness!

Pale Blue Topaz is a silicate mineral consisting of aluminium and fluorine, formed during the crystallization of igneous rocks, especially granite and rhyolite.

It is the birthstone for Scorpio, Aries , Taurus , Sagittarius. Topaz is said to bring peace and tranquility , aiding in the process of meditation.

Green Peridot is a variety of the mineral Olivene, formed deep below the Earth`s crust in a region known as the  Upper Mantle, 20-55 miles below the surface. Peridot has also been found in some meteroites, though these peridots are very rare and expensive.

Peridot is the birthstone for Leo and Cancer.  It is said to provide peace, success , attract love , dispel negativity, provide strength.

Average weight: 2.3 grams    Stone Size : 7mm round.

Choose your ring from the drop down menu. The Blue Topaz has two designs , the fancy design is shown in the single image.



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