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Irridescent Opal Ring

  • £6990

A beautiful Opal stone , set in silver.

The images show how adularescence creates different colours in the opal. Both pictures are of the same stone , but catching the light from different angles ...Amazing!!

 Opals are created from silicon dioxide solutions, which entered cracks in ancient rocks during the Cretaceous geological period.  Once the water evaporated , the tiny spherical silica particles eventually created Opals. White light is refracted by these spheres and is broken up to form the colours of the spectrum . This is adularescence.

Opal is a birthstone for Libra , Taurus  and the months of October, September and November...

Opals are said to encourage stable relationships and companionship.

Weight : 4.88 grams 

Stone size : 2.2 cm  x 1.2 cm 

Ring size : R

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