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Jade Silver Split Band Ring

Jade Silver Split Band Ring

  • £3890

These Jade Silver rings are handcrafted with a lovely split band design encasing the gemstone. 

There are two slightly different designs available. The design on the right has a larger gemstone.  The design on the left has a slightly adjustable shank , but is not intended  to be constantly changed in size , it is more a design feature. Please choose the size you require and we shall adjust it accordingly . 

Jade is a complex gemstone , formed as a result of the processes of metamorphism There are two varietes Jadeite , sodium aluminium silicate and Nephrite, a calcium magnesium iron silicate. Jade has been used for decorative purposes since Neolithic times over 5000B.C.  It has always been greatly revered in Chinese culture , being a symbol of good luck and good health . It is also thought to bring harmony ,  peace and virtue .

Right ring average weight: 5.9 grams   Stone size: 1.4cm x 1.0cm 

Left ring average weight:  4 grams       Stone size: 1. cm x 0.8cm

Choose you design and size from the drop down menu

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