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Jet and Silver Rings

Jet and Silver Rings

  • £2890

Four silver rings encasing Jet cabochons, each one slightly different in  shape and finger size. Chose your preference from the drop down menu and enjoy a classic look . All but one have a teardrop shape, the other is oval.

Outer Right Ring weight:  2.5 grams   Stone size: 1.2cm x 0.9cm    Size N

Inner Right Ring weight:   2.6 grams   Stone size: 1.2cm x 1cm       Size N

Outer Left Ring weight:     2 grams     Stone size : 1.1cm x 0.9cm    Size N

Inner Left Ring weight:      1.8 grams  Stone size:  1.1cm x 0.8cm    size M and half 

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