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Jupiter Crazy Lace Agate Bangle

  • £17500

The evocative Banded Crazy Lace Agate in this silver bangle , appears to have similar colours and banded structure to that of the planet Jupier, check an image of the planet .

The bangle has been handcrafted and has a twisted element on the sides , with filigree features at the ends of the cuff. 

 Agate is a form of the silicaceous  mineral chalcedony, formed due to  the deposition of silica from groundwater percolating into cavities within igneous rocks . It is often deposited in concentric layers , therefore exhibiting  a banded pattern .

It is the birthstone for Gemini , Pisces , Aries and may help balance emotional and physical energies

Weight : 37.8 grams   Stone size 3.2cm x 4.2cm 

Interior circumference 18cm . Fits loosely on a 17cm wrist, can also be worn to great effect on the forearm . 

Always put bangles on carefully over the thin size of the wrist , then twist into position . The same applies when removing them . 

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